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I am

Howard Globus

Cybersecurity Evangelist

Providing business owners with the essential knowledge and tools they need to grow their businesses while remaining secure in today’s fast-evolving digital world.

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I am

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Howard Globus

Cybersecurity Evangelist

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A Little About Howard

Howard Globus is a cyber security evangelist and creator of the The SAFE Matrix™, a 4-step system to “outhack” the hackers and bulletproof small businesses.

Starting as a 7-year old prodigy, Howard has dedicated his life to helping small to mid-sized businesses protect their assets from internal and external data breaches in order to maintain confidentiality and integrity to keep their businesses thriving.

Howard is the Amazon bestselling author of “Unhackd“, a guide on how to stay safe online, based on his illustrious career working with everyone from individuals to small companies and Fortune 100 businesses.

Howard is an in demand keynote speaker and has been named a Top Expert by Digital Journal, featured on Safety Detectives, The Bond Buyer and is a cyber security guest writer on Karjaka.

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Get the Tools You Need to Secure Your Business



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Signature Talk

Join Howard in this unique dialogue as he delves into the intricacies of conquering the business world. His enlightening lecture shines a light on the potential difficulties you may encounter as an entrepreneur and provides helpful strategies to face them confidently.

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FTC Regulations

Howard stresses the need for entrepreneurs to stay compliant with FTC directives for their business to remain successful in the long run. This featured talk covers all the ins and outs of FTC regulations and why ensuring compliance is essential for success.

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Howard dives into the details of The NYS SHIELD Act, an interesting piece of legislation that establishes stronger security standards for businesses managing information about New York residents, an important concept to understand as a business owner.

In The Media

Howard’s writing has been featured in numerous publications throughout the years. Check out a few examples below.

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Behind the Scenes Featuring Howard Globus

Staying Safe While Still Having Fun

Understanding the risks you face as a business owner is the first step in having more fun running & growing your business.



Mark A. Reich, JD

Executive Director Huntington Learning Center

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Martignetti Planned Giving Advisors, LLC


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International Advertising Association


Sheila Walker Hartwell

Hartwell Financial Planning

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William C. Allen Agency

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